Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Today was a relatively good day. I woke up and ran some errands then I headed to my class in Greeneville. It's called human nature and life. It's kinda interesting. We are looking at the worlds view and conception of human nature. We talked about Judaism's view of life and Christian's view of life. It got really boring as stupid people in the class began to debate their beliefs. We were there to learn about the views not decide our own opinions about life and argue about them. When we talk about Hinduism in a few weeks I'm sure its going to be the same thing. I can hear one of the students now. "Wait there can't be over 300 million gods, that's just not possible." I don't care what you think. YOUR opinion has nothing to do with this class. If you want to debate morals, religion, and life choices, join the debate team or sign up for an ethics class. The best part of class was when my teacher talked about how Jews believed that you should be stoned to death in earlier times for using the Lord's name in vain. For some reason he felt the need to explain to the class what that meant (as if we weren't in the bible belt). He said, "So if a Jew accidentally kicks the wall and stubs his toe he can't turn around and yell "GOD DAMN" without fear of punishment. Now keep in mind we are in a classroom with open doors and plenty of other surrounding classrooms. It's not uncommon to hear other lectures going on within the vicinity. So as we hear very quiet chatter of other class my teacher decides to yell this. All of the sudden you hear the other classrooms get deathly quiet, and my teacher says, "hmmm guess I shouldn't of said that, that loud." Really? Obviously sir. Listen I am not often offended very easily, but I don't take lightly to that expression. I just don't think it's necessary. Drop the F bomb left and right. I won't flinch but say that and my ears cringe. So keep that from your mouth and we will get along fine. Tomorrow I have school from 9-5 no breaks, pity me. So I'm crashing (but I'm no wave). I will see you on the flip side. Goodnight world.



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